Jesse Petersen’s Entrepreneur List

Fly HighIf you missed what an Entrepreneur List is, check it out first and then you’ll be up to speed on its purpose in the  situations I call “a funk.” After being in business now for 4 1/2 years, I’ve had about 20 funks. They’re miserable times that create a fear of becoming lazy (something I was called as a teen) or a failure (something I’ve unreasonably put upon myself in funks).

things that create a funk

  • a fantastic revenue month
  • a dismal revenue month when not in a funk
  • a conference (counterintuitive, I know)
  • family stress
  • depression
  • over-confidence

Looking at that list, it would seem that a funk is inevitable just about every other month, and you’d be right. The aim of an Entrepreneur List is to cut off a funk by creating a reminder of why being an entrepreneur is not dependent on persevering through funks.

my Entrepreneur List

I’m going to place my list next to the photos on my desk, which sit between my two monitors. A reminder of why I do what I do will be my motivating factor while at my desk instead of playing, watching shows, or going to the free summer kid’s movies.

  1. I am living my dream
    • keeping my own hours
    • doing what I’m passionate about
    • making a difference
    • providing for my family so everyone is home
  2. I am healthier than ever, getting better instead of worse
  3. I am rich in friends, family, and no longer broke
  4. I am moving toward my long-term goals
  5. I really have no reason to complain
  6. I am blessed
  7. I am growing
  8. I did not get where I am without guidance
  9. I am where I am to be a blessing to others
  10. When I fall, I will get up again

your Entrepreneur List

If you send me a link to your list or put it in the comments, I’ll place it here for others to learn by community. We’re all in this together.

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