Genesis 2.0 HTML5 Conversion Giveaway

The Genesis framework is going to be releasing their massive and much-anticipated update to version 2.0 any day now. When that happens, you can take advantage of very valuable SEO updates to the child themes, but only if the child themes have the new HTML5 markup enabled.

The StudioPress crew, in their vast wisdom, made it clear that you don’t have to enable HTML5 to update your Genesis parent theme to 2.0. Updating Genesis is not the same as updating your child theme to be 2.0 markup-compatible (What is markup? Read on.) Everything will still work if you upgrade, but without enabling HTML5 in your child theme, you won’t benefit from many things V2.0 includes.

All of a sudden, if you enable HTML5, the entire site design breaks because of the markup of the new code. Markup are the design bits that your design files look for in order to apply styles, layout, and other behavioral modifications or appearance. Without the proper “addresses” in your design, things break.

If you’ve made any alterations to your child theme over the months or years and don’t want to lose those by downloading a new HTML5 child theme, then you need to update your theme. StudioPress has said they’ve been sitting on for months waiting for everyone to get WordPress 3.6 and Genesis 2.0 in order to release a bunch of new and updated themes.

I’ve already updated the StudioPress child themes and several community themes, so you can have them now.

I’ve worked out a way to convert any child theme, no matter how much it’s been modified by another developer. This is not something you want to throw at your developer with a request if they’ve not yet done one. You’ll spend a lot of money if this is their first rodeo with V2.0.

giveaway steps

My conversion service is $248 for the first child theme and $150 for each one after that. By telling me why you love using Genesis, WordPress, or just generally participating in the comments with something nice, new, or celebrating life, you’ll be entered into a random draw the day after Genesis 2.0 releases to receive a FREE conversion.

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  1. mkitty says

    Sounds like I entered the Genesis arena just in time! Will get in right when v.2.0 begins.
    Thanks Jesse.

  2. Cathi Bosco says

    I like your pricing JP – I really really hope I can win the randomness!!! Thx

  3. Grace Peirce says

    Thank you JP — I may be posting a second time – looks like my first post disappeared somehow.

  4. says

    The first rodeo is always the most costly. Winning this would be like drawing an old hag to ride instead of a bull named, “Widowmaker.”

  5. Jonas says

    Hi, Jesse. Great idea for a contest. I’ve been running WP for about three years now (switched from Moveable Type). The initial switch hosed my site on Google, but it was due to the dev’s (lack of) help rather than anything WP did. I’ve been playing catch-up ever since, but Genesis has helped a ton. I’m eager to look into 2.0 and converting my site to HTML 5, and this free giveaway of expert help would be great.

  6. says

    I think this is a good catch Jesse. However, you might want to consider on the pricing since … some of us who doesn’t use USD as main currency could face a big conversion :)

    Nonetheless, I wish you best of luck too mate!


  7. says

    And the random draw winner is….. Randy Cantrell, avoiding the Widowmaker. I’ll be in touch with a coupon code for a free conversion.

  8. Justin says

    Jessie, I am willing to pay to upgrade my 3 sites.

    I have genesis 2.0, a studiopress child theme, and use the simple hooks updated plugin. I don’t believe that I have made any CSS changes to any of the sites. The only thing that I have done is added some code in the right header widget. Otherwise, my sites format is identical to the studiopress “stock” child theme.

    I don’t know how to do manual backups other than using backup buddy and I am not even sure where backup buddy files are stored.

    Is it still recommended to purchase your upgrade or will just cutting my css pasting it into a word document, find and replace the 15 “names” that have changed in Brian gardeners conversion chart, and then it is done?

    • says

      There is quite a bit more to it than that and my list is somewhere around 55 changes that need to be made to work.
      If those are the only changes you’ve made, then I’m willing to negotiate #2 & #3 down to save you coin. Hit the purchase page for the first theme & give me your deets in the post-purchase form and I can take care of you tomorrow.