My Treehouse Course Story

Back in May, I was watching my Twitter stream instead of working (admit it, you do that, too) and saw my friend, Zac Gordon, ask for Genesis experts to do a course. Me, being no dummy and being a big fan of being in the right place at the right time … epic content - follow this link

Quality Over Quantity: My Escape

It's been made pretty clear recently that the constants in our lives have a lot of control. We all have the same number of minutes in each day and one brain that can only control so much at once. A lot of us have families that need our attention, … epic content - follow this link

The Art of Being Trustworthy

Several recent mini-projects that have come my way through referrals who see my About page or seeing my profile listed on a recommended list have come to the same conclusion and they've asked for a call to verify their initial impression. Are you … epic content - follow this link

Fear, Wondering, and Wandering

Running a business, especially as a solopreneur who is responsible for every aspect of the business, is really, really difficult. I won’t try to sugar-coat or deceive anyone about that. Sure, I take off more time than I ever used to working a J.O.B., … epic content - follow this link

Being More Authentic

I'm pretty big on avoiding people who aren't authentic. I know people who are sunshine and blowing bubbles in fields of green, allergy-free grass every day, but you know there's a hurricane in the area. When things don't line up, I get annoyed that … epic content - follow this link