Just Ship

Are you busy? I'm busy. When I get busy, I have the horrible habit of taking on even more things. Here I am writing instead of coding or reviewing my presentation for WordCamp Orlando this weekend. In reality, though, I should be writing every day … epic content - follow this link

Doing the Unexpected: Joining a Team

It's true! Shocker. I know what some of you who have known me for two to six years are saying, "but you said you'd never give up working for yourself for less than $1,000,000!" You're right... and you're wrong. I also said I wouldn't fault anyone for … epic content - follow this link

Never Give Up

Have you ever given something everything you had and wondered when life was going to get easier? It's easy to get discouraged when you are working so hard and every day feels like you're suiting up for battle and going to bed exhausted and waking up … epic content - follow this link

My Treehouse Course Story

Back in May, I was watching my Twitter stream instead of working (admit it, you do that, too) and saw my friend, Zac Gordon, ask for Genesis experts to do a course. Me, being no dummy and being a big fan of being in the right place at the right time … epic content - follow this link

Quality Over Quantity: My Escape

It's been made pretty clear recently that the constants in our lives have a lot of control. We all have the same number of minutes in each day and one brain that can only control so much at once. A lot of us have families that need our attention, … epic content - follow this link

The Art of Being Trustworthy

Several recent mini-projects that have come my way through referrals who see my About page or seeing my profile listed on a recommended list have come to the same conclusion and they've asked for a call to verify their initial impression. Are you … epic content - follow this link