WordPress Plugin and Performance Audit


The demand for performance is on the upswing. Google is paying attention to how fast your site loads – and so are your visitors. Before making the jump to a performance host (still highly recommended), get an analysis of the plugins, scripts, and WordPress performance settings to get the most out of your current hosting. Managed hosts won’t allow server-intensive plugins anyway, so get a jump on cleaning your site the right way with someone who has done dozens of audits and fixes.


Audit: $550 – review plugins and locations of scripts, keep-alive, browser caching, and analysis of the full load of server and external requests and their order of loading.
Fixes: $225-$2,200+ – We’ll discuss swapping out plugins, rearranging the scripts, killing plugins in favor of functions that use less memory and load in the proper place in the pageload. Utilize browser caching, keep-alive, and use/optimize a WP caching plugin if migrating to my Premium WP Engine is tabled for the moment.

Jesse Petersen was able to quickly and efficiently diagnose several issues on my site that severely increased page load times. After a comprehensive audit of my ad networks, coding updates at the WordPress and web-host levels, changing plugins and tips on optimizing images, I can safely say my site is in a better position than ever. I’m not even on a decent web host and Jesse was able to make improvements despite being on a share-hosting environment. Thanks, Jesse!
– Lisette H

Ask the Expert – General Business Online Presence Consultation/Brainstorming

Want to save hundreds, potentially thousands, of dollars? For a new client, I offer a $350 consultation to review where you are, where you want to go, and provide solutions to get there. Here’s what one client had to say about the experience:

It was a genuine pleasure to speak with you and I sincerely appreciate how generous you were in sharing your knowledge. You probably saved me a very steep 1-2 year trial and error learning curve. Again, thank you and I look forward to working with you again soon.

Site Development and Design

I work with the Genesis framework exclusively (when it’s the best, why use anything else?) and we work together to decide if you need a custom solution with a full, professional design or if you just need some elegant modifications to one of the many child themes on the market. Pricing ranges from the $5,000 low range up to $9,000 for more customization, and finally up to $16,000+ if you want a fully custom design process in which we work with a top-tier Genesis theme designer and return the design, complete with mobile layouts, to me for development.

Website Migration

On a host that sucks? That would be Bluehost, GoDaddy, Hostgator, Hostmonster, and 1&1, just to name the worst offenders of basement pricing shared hosts. I’ve migrated over 400 sites over the past 6 years from and to just about every hosting provider that works with WordPress. If hosting is still confusing to you, here is more information to make you an informed consumer.

I currently have an unlimited hosting plan with WP Engine and have dedicated hardware, an account manager, and a static IP address to offer anyone who wants the ultimate in hosting experience. Most sites see a 4x increase in speed and owners sleep better knowing their site is backed up every night with free site restoration if it ever crashes or gets hacked. Get in touch and we’ll get your hosting situation all better.

An Hour of My Time

I no longer bill by the hour. Tasks and projects are worth a certain amount and I bring a lot to the table in experience and many, many mistakes and failures that I don’t plan on repeating. Go with those who have already made the mistakes on others – don’t be a guinea pig.

Shoot me what needs to be done and I’ll let you know what it’s worth as a finished task or project. If it’s of an informational nature, you’ll get industry-leading advice and a roadmap on how to arrive at your goal.