There are a lot of scammers and people masquerading as WordPress experts out there. How can you be assured that you’re going to receive top service and support by choosing to work with us? See what others have to say about making “Jesse Petersen” synonymous with  “quality and integrity.”

Barry Moltz
Entrepreneur, consultant, speaker, and author of You Need to Be A Little Crazy: The Truth about Starting and Growing Your Business.

In addition to knowing his craft inside and out, Jesse “sees” who you are and what you are trying to accomplish, and helps you become better than you thought you could have been. He delivers what he promises… and then some! It was a delight and an inspiration to work with a true professional.

Fred Graver
former editor, The National Lampoon

Wow. You’ve done amazing work: Such a clean and modern look and feel to our site now. What a transformation!
We really appreciate you getting it all done on such a short timeline, advocating on our behalf, and making all these changes at a fair price.

Lisa Jackson
Corporate Culture Pros

I have hired Jesse for over 10 projects. After I worked with Jesse the first time, I knew I would never do any other web projects without involving him. He is extremely professional, talented and detail-oriented. I would 100% recommend Jesse for anyone looking for an amazing web designer or WordPress expert. It will be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Sibyl Chavis
The Possibility of Today

Folio has hired Jesse for several web development projects. His excellent knowledge of WordPress and his dedication to getting the job done right are an asset. Jesse has an attention to detail and is a great tutor in the digital world.

Jennifer Withington
Partner, Folio, Inc.

Jesse was recommended to me by Brian Gardner at SOBCon 2011 as someone who could improve my home-made web design. On Brian’s recommendation, I contracted with Jesse to redesign the site and its logo, and have been so pleased with his work that I contracted with him to provide monthly service updates, redesign my Twitter background, business cards, and my Facebook page.

Jesse is good to work with. He takes feedback and direction well, while at the same time using his own expertise and experience to upgrade your vision. He is very knowledgeable about his field of work and provides great service at a good value.

I highly recommend Jesse to anyone looking to advance their online presence through clean, professional designs.

Nacie Carson
The Life Uncommon

Jesse Petersen is the real deal. He knows WordPress inside and out, which is obviously one of the reasons you want to work with him. What you may have a harder time seeing from this website (or anyone else who claims to be a WordPress expert) is that Jesse is incredibly trustworthy. I accidentally gave Jesse the user ID and password to all of my sites (not just the one he was working on) and he never took advantage of that. Instead he focused on the site I had hired him to work on, and let me know when he was done. Sure, it may seem like a little thing, but with all the magicians out there pretending to be experts, it’s the most important thing to me.

In addition to that, Jesse made it easy to work with him by sharing all of his contact information, and suggested many times when we could connect if I had questions, and he kept following up with me to make sure I was satisfied with the services he provided. I definitely will work with Jesse again in the future, and I recommend you do the same!

Phil Gerbyshak
Public speaker, relationship geek, and author of 10 Ways to Make It Great!

Working with Jesse turned me into a pro. I started working on my website as a newbie in the technology field. After days, no weeks of frustration not being able to move forward on my site to launch it or edit anything, I found Jesse, and in 30 seconds he fixed my problem and was available continuously as I had questions. I’m sure I probably wore his patience very thin but he never let on if I did. He answered my questions in a way that I could understand and now I am so happy to have an active website that I actually know how to add things to it and edit my pages.

Connie Spruill

Jesse is an awesome web developer/designer, and provides real value to his clients and the organizations and entrepreneurs he supports.

Shannon Steffan
Excira Media

Jesse is the real deal! I needed some help customizing a WordPress theme. Jesse was accessible when I needed him and his expert guidance was invaluable. It’s obvious that he knows WordPress and loves to share his knowledge. I wouldn’t have been able to complete this project without him.

Ria Sharon

I can’t begin to tell you how absolutely in awe I am of the new site. One very proud owner – and you should feel justifiably proud of what you have achieved. This was an absolute behemoth of a monster when I first came to you; and you have produced a slick, professional, and more importantly accessible and approachable site. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done and the sheer difference it will make to what we do. Absolutely brilliant; absolutely amazing. You have been the consummate professional and at the same time and fantastic person to work with. I look forward to long and fruitful future between Id.Net and yourself. Thank you.

Rob Fisher, PhD – Network Founder and Leader

When I needed to change my blogging platform, I turned to Jesse for help, and he did a fantastic job, all the way around. I was absolutely satisfied with his work; especially his responsiveness when issues arose. I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking for WordPress help.

Terry Starbucker

Jesse Petersen saved my hide. I am an multimedia editor at a major newspaper, and I was in a situation where I had to learn and produce a project using WordPress in a hurry! Jesse made himself available at all kinds of crazy hours and walked me through it with no problem. I recommend his as a vendor and a teacher, and I will work with him again.

David Rhea
Multimedia Editor, Dolan Media Corp.

Jesse was fantastic to deal with. Rather than just execute the work I requested we arranged a live tutorial where Jesse taught me at a pace I could manage. I would definitely hire Jesse again and recommend him to others.

Ian Lee – Denver, CO

I am a real newbie in this business and when I was asked to buy a template and install it with WordPress I felt completely lost – I did not know what to do. I started a search for somebody who maybe could assist me and just by chance I got contact with Jesse Petersen. I didn’t know him but felt I could trust him. I had a list of things I wanted him to check to make sure that everything was OK.

Jesse was just having his lunch when I contacted him but he promised that within 2-3 hours it would be installed. It was and I could start using it immediately. Great job, everything seems perfect to me!
Thank you indeed, it made everything so much easier for me.

Liv Senstad – Norway